What Are the Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas for High-Tech Style?

Are you dreaming about having a modern, sleek and chic high-tech bedroom? Though before, this style was more associated with office decor or, at least, living room, today, you are free to use it wherever you want. Bedroom in high-tech style is the ideal variant for people, who are dynamic and ambitious and are fond of modern technologies.

So, let’s take a closer look at the high-tech style and consider the bedroom wall decor ideas, which will help to add uniqueness to the interior and a bit of chic.

What Is High-Tech Style?

High-Tech Bedroom

High-Tech Bedroom


High-tech style is a rather young architectural style, which started to develop in 1970s and gained popularity in 1980s. The “high-tech” means high technology. The style is associated with interesting design solutions for all the parts of the home from walls to accessories. In fact, it’s a mix of minimalism, constructivism and pop art.

The style originates from the design of industrial facilities, where all the elements have certain functions. It’s characterized by structural openness and use of items, which you have never imagined to be decorations, for instance, pipes or valves. The high-tech style appreciates minimalism, high functionality and practicality.

Bedroom in High-Tech Style

Bedroom in High-Tech Style


Clearly, no matter what decorating wall ideas for bedroom you use, be ready that this style won’t look as cozy and relaxing like traditional or country interiors. The style embodies dynamics, freedom and progress. However, while the room atmosphere may lack some warmness, it will look very stylish and be highly functional.

While choosing the proper furniture, accessories and decoration ideas for bedroom walls, you need to take into account the basic characteristics of the high-tech style:

- Clean lines and simple geometric shapes

- Many sources of light

- Elements of cubism and constructivism

- High functionality and convenience of design

- Much open space

- Minimum of decoration

- A great number of digital technology items

- Restrained colors

- Zoning of the room

Tips on Decorating Bedroom in High-Tech Style

High-Tech Bedroom Design

High-Tech Bedroom Design


Basically, the wall decor is chosen in accordance with the rest of the interior. That’s why, you, first of all, need to make the major changes in the room and take care of such basic elements as the color palette, lighting and furniture.


Honestly, the most typical color palette for high-tech home is grey and white and all the hues of these colors. If you like warmer colors, opt for beige or cream ones. Also, it’s astonishing if some metallic hues are used as main or accent colors.

However, it doesn’t mean that the high tech homes have dull color schemes. While the room is primarily monochrome, some bright accents can be made. For example, you can make one accent wall, adorn the wall with a large artwork or accentuate the space with a bright piece of furniture.


The walls are usually painted. However, it’s also possible to leave them without finishing, exposing the concrete or brick base. The use of wallpapers is possible. However, they must be also monochrome. We have already mentioned that if you want, you can create an accent wall. It can be done with the help of wallpapers and paint of a brighter color.

Also, you can use decorative wall panels. They can be of the contrastive color or of the same with the walls. Their texture not color can become a cute accent. Also, wall murals with urban landscapes and abstract art can be used.

Gray and White Bedroom Design in High-Tech Style

Gray and White Bedroom Design in High-Tech Style


Floor and Ceiling

The designers recommend covering the floors with smooth materials, which are able to reflect light. For instance, glossy laminate is suitable for bedroom. The materials, which resemble marble, also look cool. Tile and ceramic floors are suitable for high-tech interiors, but aren’t the best choice for bedrooms. If you are fond of wood floors, it’s possible to use them in high-tech bedroom. However, it’s better to leave them without any treatment.

The decor of the ceiling depends on its height. The tensile structures are good for low ceilings. They make the surface look polished and smooth. If you have high ceiling, you are free to use multi-level compositions and suspension systems, which may feature built-in lights.


The most typical materials are plastic, chrome metal, concrete and glass. These materials look elegant and contemporary. However, you can also use more traditional wood and stone.

As to the textiles, the curtains and furniture upholstery rarely feature patterns. It’s better to stick to monochrome color scheme. The fabrics, which are used in high-tech interiors, must be smooth. Usually, they are synthetic such as nylon and capron.

The traditional fabric curtains are usually replaced by metal shutters. But it’s possible to use curtains on hidden ceiling cornices. Also, blinds and Venetian blinds are suitable.

Bedroom in High-Tech Style

Bedroom in High-Tech Style



The high-tech interiors presuppose the use of multi-functional furniture of simple forms with glossy surfaces. The furniture lines must be clear. The amount of furniture in a bedroom is rather limited.

Often, the modular systems are used. It’s very convenient as you may change their location. The wardrobes are usually built in and the number of open shelves is rather restricted. Just like in the case with minimalism, the room mustn’t look too cluttered.

The beds are usually low. Instead of a headboard, you can use functional shelves. Or, the bed can be connected with a bedside table. In addition, the beds in high tech interiors often feature some storage compartments and can be transformers. Instead of the traditional bed shape, you are free to opt for round, square or even trapezoid one.


In fact, lighting is one of the key things in high tech interiors. It’s used on both ceilings and walls. The high-tech lamps serve not only for providing the room with light, but also for other purposes. The proper lighting helps to emphasize certain areas as well as serve for zoning the room in open plan interiors.

Moreover, lights also have a decorative function. That’s why, you also need to pay attention to the lamps design. The chandeliers and sconces must have clean lines. The best materials are glass and metal. The light sources can be both open and canopy. If you have a high ceiling, you can opt for hanging lights. If the ceiling is low, it’s better to opt for point and flat lamps.

Also, the lamps can be mobile. It’s the most multifunctional type of lighting for a bedroom. They can be located in different ways, creating different mood. You are free to place them just under the ceiling to get bright lighting or expand them down for a softer and more romantic look.

7 Cool High-Tech Wall Decor Ideas for Bedroom

High-Tech Bedroom Wall Decor

High-Tech Bedroom Wall Decor


In truth, the choice of the possible bedroom wall decorating ideas for high-tech interiors is rather restricted. As the style presupposes minimum of decorative elements, you need to select the adornments with much care. They must be organically added to the room interior and suit it in both style and color scheme.

It’s astonishing if the decoration may also have some functions in addition to being just a piece, adorning the wall. For instance, mirrors and wall clocks are rather widespread ideas to decorate a bedroom wall. Or, you can use some minimalistic bedroom wall shelves decorating ideas.

Unlike traditional and vintage styles, high-tech style restrains the use of adornments. That’s why, if you are fond of creating gallery walls and displaying several wall decorating ideas for bedroom on a single wall, this style won’t suit you. As a rule one or maximum two objects are placed on one wall.

Now, let’s see what the best wall decorating ideas for bedrooms are and how to add them to high-tech interiors.

Futuristic Wall Panels

Futuristic Wall Panels

Futuristic Wall Panels


Honestly, wall panels are one of the best bedroom wall decor ideas. They help to add texture and interesting accent to the room in monochrome color schemes. Even if the color of the wall panels coincides with the color of the rest of the rooms, the bedroom design will look much cooler thanks to unusual texture.

Usually, the textured wall panels are made of plastic or gypsum. The metal panels look extremely cool, but they are more expensive and rare. The panels may feature various patterns. For instance, it can be something with optical illusions. Or, the panels with lighting look nice. The more they look like the walls of a spaceship the better.

3D Wall Art

3D Wall Art

3D Wall Art


3D art is also among the cutest ideas for bedroom wall decor. As a rule, it’s a wall sculpture, which is textured or features the specific 3D pattern. The both variants look good in bedrooms. The patterns for high-tech interiors are usually abstract or dedicated to technology.

As a rule, the 3D art is made of metal, glass or plastic. For example, the transparent glass panel with the diamond pattern looks very creative. Its transparent design allows using it against any type of background. Or, a chrome metal wall sculpture with abstract pattern may be used in any part of the room and with any color palette.

Wall Illumination

Illuminated Bedroom Walls

Illuminated Bedroom Walls


As lighting plays an important role in high-tech interiors, you are free to use it for decorating bedroom walls. Besides the lamps, which need to light up certain zones and objects, you can use the ones to make cute accents on the walls.

For instance, you can create the illumination around a piece of wall art or wall panels. Or, the lights can be used as independent wall adornments. You can place small lights in certain patterns on the wall. A couple of contemporary wall sconces may be also a cute addition to the room interior.

Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall Poster

Abstract Wall Poster

Abstract wall art in high tech interior can be presented by modern paintings, posters as well as wall sculptures. The posters are the most widespread choice because of the great selection of possible designs. You can find a great collection of abstract posters on our site.

As the design of a high-tech home is neutral, the art can be of brighter and popping up colors. It can be an image of geometric shapes, spirals, labyrinths as well as mechanisms. Moreover, abstract art can be a cute project for homemade wall decoration ideas for bedroom.

Cube Shelves

Cube Shelves

Cube Shelves


It’s not recommended to use too many open shelves in a high-tech bedroom. However, a couple of cube shelves, the color of which coincides with the color of the walls, may become a cute and functional addition to the bedroom without creating any visual clutter.

The size of the shelves can be rather big or small. Also, you are free to use the shelves of different sizes. But don’t place too many items there. Use one shelf for storing no more than three decorative items. The only exception is a shelf, which is very big and occupies the major part of the wall.

High Tech Clock

High-Tech Wall Clock

High-Tech Wall Clock


As decorating ideas for bedroom walls tend to be not only beautiful but also functional, a high tech clock is the perfect variant. It won’t only show the time, but will also provide your room with a cool creative piece of wall decor.

There are many cool designs of clocks, which will fit the high-tech style. The best variant is electronic clock with innovative functions. For instance, the time can be shown with the help of words.

Mirror Wall Art

Mirror Wall Art

Mirror Wall Art


Mirrors are great decorations for all types of interiors. However, their glossy and reflecting surfaces look extremely nice and organic in high-tech homes. Usually, the mirrors without any frames are used.

Usually, the forms of mirrors are geometric, like rectangles, ovals, squares or even hexagons. Or, they can be of more creative forms. Usually, the creative mirrors in modern interiors are of abstract forms with clear lines.

So, you see that the number of bedroom wall decor ideas for high-tech interiors is rather limited. But, at the same time, this style presupposes the minimal use of decorations and that’s why, one or two accents will be enough to add charm to your bedroom and make it look brighter.

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