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Car Posters: The Use of Car Prints for Professional and Personal Purposes

Are you a car fan? Or are you a professional who knows everything about cars? Or both? If your life or interests are somehow connected with vehicles, you definitely had, have or want to have a print, featuring some cool car. In fact, car posters can be used for various purposes and be made in […]

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Kids Posters: What Prints Are Suitable for Children’s Rooms

The decoration of a child’s room is a complicated process. Not everything we want can be used there as images may have a certain influence on the kid and you must do your best to make this influence only positive.Kids posters need to be bright and colorful. When the children wake up in the morning […]

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Sports Posters and Prints: Tips on Selection, Use and Creation

Famous American tennis player Billie Jean King once said “Sports are a microcosm of society”. And it’s impossible to question her words. Sports have become an integral part of our life. Even if we don’t do sports, we are connected with it one way or another. We support our favorite athletes and teams, go to […]

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Trippy Posters: Wall Art Ideas for Trippy Art Admirers

Trippy art, which is better known as psychedelic art, is the depiction of a surrealistic vision of the world, inspired by the psychedelic experiences and hallucinations in the result of taking drugs. Trippy artists try to depict the inner world of the psyche by different methods. The main features of trippy art are: fantastic and […]

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Great Poster Ideas for All Sorts of Occasions

We have got accustomed that the main functions of posters are advertising, propaganda and promotion. The posters were invented to attract the attention of people, make them aware of certain phenomena, encourage doing certain actions or buying a specific product. However, nowadays, the functions of the posters go further and they are used for a […]

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