Car Posters: The Use of Car Prints for Professional and Personal Purposes

Are you a car fan? Or are you a professional who knows everything about cars? Or both? If your life or interests are somehow connected with vehicles, you definitely had, have or want to have a print, featuring some cool car. In fact, car posters can be used for various purposes and be made in different styles.

So, let’s get down to business and see how the car posters can be used as well as consider 5 amazing examples of car wall art.

What Are Car Posters Used for?

In fact, the car prints are either used for business or for personal purposes. The businesses which use them are usually car washes, car repair workshops and various kinds of car dealerships. The personal usage is usually for home decor or office decoration.

Posters for Car Dealerships

A BMW poster

A BMW poster

It’s rather a challenge to choose decorations for car dealerships. However, there is one thing, which is an ideal piece of decor for any company of this specialization. It’s a car poster.

Decoration of the salon with posters has many pluses. First of all, it’s convenient. You just need to buy the print and attach it to the wall. Secondly, posters don’t demand any special care. Thirdly, they help to get rid of blank walls and make the design more vivid. And, finally, they aren’t only decorations and may have some other functions.

The posters, featuring the cars you sell, may be used as a gallery at one place or be hung around the salon. Usually, the posters of cars feature not only the car but also the brand name, name of the model and motto of the company.

The informational posters with cars aren’t only beautiful but also functional. They contain the information about the car presented and help the salesmen to tell about all the functionality of the car.

Posters for Car Repair Workshop

A car repair shop poster

A car repair shop poster

The car repair workshops are also frequently decorated with various prints. First of all, a poster may be placed outside the workshop to attract the attention of people, who pass by. It’s better to order a custom print for advertising so that all the necessary information about your business is printed there.

Inside, the posters may serve for decorative and informative functions. The prints, which are used for decoration only, usually feature various kinds of cars. Here, all the types of prints can be used, from vintage to artistic ones.

The informational posters for clients may contain the information about what your workshop deals with, feature the examples of your work and show in pictures what you are able to do.

The special prints may also help the employees of your workshop. They may provide tips on how to deal with certain kinds of cars or their details as well as contain the safety rules.

Car Wash Posters

A car wash poster

A car wash poster

Just like in the case with car repair workshops, car wash services may use posters as advertising in the street. It’s especially important if you have a small company, which isn’t very noticeable from the road. In such a case, you need to attract the drivers’ attention by using bright images, which show what kind of services you provide. The outside posters for car washes may be used not only near the road but also near the entrance to your office.

Inside, the posters of cars are used to make the empty and dull walls look more expressive. As the posters with other images may look weird in such a place, the images of cars are the 100% target hit as all drivers as well as many employees of car washes like cars.

Needless to say that car washing services also need to have some safety posters, which contain the instructions on how to behave at the working place and what to do in dangerous situations.

Posters for the Car Fans

A Maserati poster

A Maserati poster

Sometimes, the fans of cars have the whole walls covered with prints of cars at their homes. Sometimes, they are satisfied with one poster of their favorite car model.

As people, who deal with cars just for pleasure, may hang any poster they like, they don’t have to break their brains on what poster is more suitable. They just choose what they like. If they like muscle cars, they buy muscle car posters, if they adore vintage cars, they choose the vintage prints of cars.

The car posters may be used for home decor as well as at offices. If you have a cubicle, you may cover its wall with a poster of your favorite car. Besides being a beautiful decoration, such a print may also motivate you to work harder in order to buy the car from the image.

5 Ideas of Cool Car Posters

Car posters for sale are available in various sizes and designs. Have a look at the following five ideas of prints designs.

Vintage Car Posters

A vintage car poster

A vintage car poster

Vintage car posters can be of three types. First, they may be real retro posters, printed long ago. The problem is that such prints usually cost more than new posters and it can be a challenge to find them.

Secondly, you may buy a new print of a vintage car. It costs less that the real vintage poster, but the effect is almost the same. Moreover, many filters can make the picture look older than it is. The choice of such prints is pretty large and so, you will have no problem in finding the one you need.

Thirdly, the poster may be designed in retro style. It may feature a new model of the car, but the general design makes it look as if it was printed in the past century. Such a print looks creative and fresh.

A vintage car poster can be used in many places. It can be a decoration for home or office as well as more thematic places like car dealerships, car wash and repair services.

Futuristic Car Posters

A futuristic car poster

A futuristic car poster

The fans of fantasy movies and cars will surely like such a combination. The cars from the future, which, at the moment, exist only in virtual reality or on paper, are a great addition to high-tech interiors. Such prints are well combined with other images of technological progress and modern devices.

The real cars can be also used. As a rule, it’s modern sports car posters. The car designers create such masterpieces every day, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford them. And so, such cars are only a dream for many car fans.

However, there are such masters at car repair workshops, who make the dreams true. They may tune the car in such a way that it looks cool and futuristic, and, at the same time, is on the run. If you are one of them or the owner of a tuning workshop, you can use the images of futuristic cars as examples for your clients.

NASCAR Posters

A  NASCAR poster

A NASCAR poster

The race car posters may be made of the photos, taken during one of the NASCAR events. As the races are held regularly, more and more posters featuring them become available for sale.

In fact, NASCAR posters often look similar and feature several cars, taking part in the race. That’s why, such a print is suitable for people, who knows much about races and is able to see the differences between different kinds of races. However, amateurs can also use the photos from the NASCAR events for walls decoration.

Car Show Posters

A Bugatti car show poster

A Bugatti car show poster

The car show posters are most frequently used at car dealerships. They show the existing models of the brands as well as concepts, which can be put into production. Moreover, the prints from car shows can be a nice decoration for the salons, selling cars of different brands.

Such prints can be also used at home or office if you love cars and don’t know which one to choose. The photos from auto shows may feature the cars of the same brand or of different ones.

Moreover, if you have visited a certain auto show and have taken many cool photos there, you have a chance to order custom prints of your photos. In such a way, you will get exclusive posters, which no one else has. In addition, you will be owner of the prints only of those cars, which you personally like.

Artistic Car Posters

An artistic car poster

An artistic car poster

If you are tired of classic car posters, pay attention to artistic prints featuring cars. The combination of technology and art looks impressive and attracts everyone’s attention wherever you place this image.

If you are a car dealer, such prints of the cars you sell will be the ideal decoration for the walls of your salon. They will show how cool the cars may look and, at the same time, provide the walls with astonishing art.

Or, if you are just a fan of cars and want to decorate your home with a huge car poster, but your close people don’t like this idea, offer them to hang an art print. By seeing the examples of how great such art looks, they will probably become more loyal and like your idea of decorating the wall with a car poster.

To sum up, the car wall posters can be used by many people and at various places. Whether you are just a fan or a professional, a car poster may serve for wall decoration as well as for more specified goals. Moreover, they are available in many designs and styles.

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