Luxury Living Room

9 Tips on Using Luxury Wall Decor for Living Room

We all know that choosing wall decor for living room is one of the most difficult tasks. This room demands much attention as it’s the most popular place in any home, where we don’t only spend time alone or with family members, but also receive guests. If you are fond of luxury home designs, living room is just the right place to be decorated in this style.

The most important while choosing adornments for luxury interiors is not to overdo. Luxury style doesn’t mean that you must use as much expensive items as possible. Moreover, you can find cool wall decor for living room cheap, but, which, at the same time, looks stylish and rich.

So, let’s get down to business and consider 9 tips on the use of luxury decorations for your living room.

Walls of Neutral Colors

Luxury Living Room in Neutral Colors

Luxury Living Room in Neutral Colors

If you want to experiment with wall colors, luxury style is not for you. The best color palettes for this style are the soothing neutrals. All the accents are made with the help of interesting materials, texture or patterns. Or, there are many wall decoration ideas for living room, which help to make the interior brighter without changing the wall color.

The walls of luxury interiors are usually rather light. Various hues of white, beige, gray serve as basic colors. However, some darker accents can be made with darker colors like brown or black. Moreover, the accents are often made with some metallic adornments in gold or silver.

For example, the warm beige walls in combination with brown accents are the ideal choice for luxury interiors. The home looks expensive, stylish and, at the same time, extremely cozy. And if you add some gold accessories for living room walls, you will definitely reach the “wow” effect.

Another cool combination of colors is the mixture of white with silver. Also, black and gray colors can be added to this color scheme. Though such decor won’t look as bright as the one in beige and brown hues, it will look more contemporary.


Mantelpiece in Luxury Living Room

Mantelpiece in Luxury Living Room

A fireplace adds coziness to the room immediately. It can become a focal point in the room interior and that’s why, don’t place a mantelpiece without considering all the details. This decorative piece must look organic with the rest of the room decor and so, its design, color and materials are very important.

The luxurious homes often feature the mantelpieces made of stone, brick and wood. The stone and brick mantelpieces are rather universal, while the wooden one will look astonishing if you already have wood furniture. And if you need a very luxurious mantelpiece, you are free to opt for the one with molding as well as with gilded details.

Moreover, mantelpieces may serve not only as adornments, but also as places for displaying wall decorations for living room. The paintings and large prints can be placed on the mantelpiece instead of being hung. Also, you may locate there a series of collectibles, vases with flowers, mirrors, photos, candleholders and many other accessories.

And, don’t forget that the place above the mantelpiece also often requires some living room wall decor. For instance, you can place a large scale art there or a large mirror. Also, the wall sconces as well as some other kinds of wall hangings can be located there.

Stone Wall Panels

Stone Wall Panel

Stone Wall Panel

The walls, covered with stones, look very nice. You may think that such living room walls decor may be too heavy and be extremely expensive. However, today, faux stones are used for the wall paneling. They are much lighter than natural stones, but are very durable. Moreover, they are cheaper and are available in many designs.

As a rule, the faux stone panels are made in the colors, which are close to natural stone coloring: from white to black and from beige to dark brown. That’s why, they are perfectly combined with the walls of neutral colors as well as with many other colors.

The wall decor ideas for living room with stone panels may be different. First of all, you can make an accent wall, which will stand out from the rest of the walls. It looks stylish and luxurious. Or, you may adorn just part of the wall in the middle, in the bottom or in the corner. In such a way, you will have an accent in a certain place. The variant with placing the panels in the bottom of the wall is the most widespread.

One more idea is to arrange the panels more creatively. Depending on their size, texture and shape, you can locate them in a certain pattern. Or, it’s possible to make several accents on the wall.

Patterned Wallpapers

Patterned Wallpapers

Patterned Wallpapers

Basically, patterned wallpapers aren’t suitable for all types of interior design, but they look astonishing in luxurious interior. The properly chosen patterns will make the wall decor living room looking rich and expensive.

Many patterns will be suitable for luxury interiors. For instance, marble, floral and arabesque patterns are very popular. The stripes may also look cute as well as geometric patterns. If you want to have something unusual, opt for the wallpapers with optical illusions. As to the texture and finish, the wallpapers with metallic effect or some shimmer look very luxurious, but matte ones can be also used.

The wallpapers with patterns can be used for all walls in the room. Or, you are free to make some accents with them. Thus, just one wall may be adorned with them. Or, even some part of the wall may feature the pattern.

If you prefer to combine patterned wallpapers with simple ones, make sure that the colors are matching. The best variant is when the color of the both wallpapers is the same, while one type features a pattern and the other not.

Also, the wallpapers can be of different hues of the same color. For instance, beige and cream go well together. And, of course, the accent wall can be covered with the wallpapers of absolutely different color. But, it must definitely be well-combined with the main color of the walls.

Gilded Frames and Accessories

Gilded Wall Frames

Gilded Wall Frames

When we talk about wall decor for luxury homes, many of us imagine classic paintings in gilded frames. The frames, covered with gold paint, are almost must have for luxury interiors. And they can be used not only for paintings. The gilded frames may be used for posters, mirrors as well as some creative types of wall art.

Besides frames, many other adornments can be gilded. For example, decorative wall clocks for living room with gilded details may an be astonishing addition to the luxury interior. Or, the golden wall sconces, sculptures and, even, wall stickers will also serve as great decorations for living rooms. What’s great in gold accessories for walls is that they are universal and can be combined with almost all colors.

However, not all of us like gilded decor. And if you have a luxurious living room, you can replace the gilded frames and accessories with the ones with silver covering. They are more discreet, but look very stylish and beautiful. Silver decorations are as universal as the gold ones. Also, there are such paints, which are something mediate between gold and silver. They look very unusual and beautiful.

Classic Art

Classic Art Print

Classic Art Print

Undoubtedly, large wall decor ideas for living room are the best option. That’s why, while choosing art, don’t choose too small pieces. It’s better to have one large-scale work of art than several small ones. And don’t forget that the art for luxury interior looks better if it’s displayed in beautiful frame.

If to talk about the themes, the landscapes, still lifes, portraits of people and animals are the most widespread. Also, some abstract paintings may look cool in luxury living room. The best painting for your interior must be chosen, taking into account the overall design of the room as well as your personal tastes.

Instead of the painting, you are free to use prints. They look a bit simpler than paintings, but you can save much money by buying them. Moreover, while the choice of the paintings for sale is rather limited, the selection of the posters is extremely large. You can even buy a print of a famous painting, like the one of Van Gogh or Claude Monet.

Crystal Wall Sconces

Crystal Wall Sconce

Crystal Wall Sconce

Have you ever dreamt about crystal chandelier or wall sconces? If yes, the luxury living room is just the case, where such decorations aren’t just appropriate, but are one of the best solutions. The crystals will add chic to any interior, even if you use just a couple of wall sconces with them.

Don’t think that crystal wall sconces look old-fashioned. There are many cool modern designs of them. Moreover, even if the design of the sconce looks a bit vintage, it’s even better as it can be considered as an antique adornment.

Moreover, some other wall hangings for living room may be made of crystals. Thus, wall clock may be adorned with them. Or, you can opt for a picture or mirror frame with crystals as well as a crystal garland.

Luxury Wall Sculpture

Luxury Wall Sculpture

Luxury Wall Sculpture–living-room-wall-decor-living-room-walls.jpg

Basically, a sculpture may also become a fantastic wall decoration for living room. The sculptures from plaster are the first thing, which comes to mind if we talk about luxury interiors. They are classic and are great if you prefer luxury in its traditional meaning. They are usually white or are covered with gold paint.

Or, the luxurious wall sculptures can be made from metal. This material looks expensive and many nice items can be made of it. The metal wall decorations are usually either in gold or silver colors. However, the brass items may be appropriate, depending on their design and style. The combination of various colors of metals also looks cute.

And one more suitable material for luxury wall decor is wood. Natural wood is always a good idea as it adds much value to the interior. For example, you can order a wall sculpture of carved wood. The wood sculpture looks more expensive if it’s in natural colors, but if you want, you can choose painted wood.


Living Room with Antique Accessories

Living Room with Antique Accessories

And, of course, antiques are also marvelous living room wall decorations for luxury interiors. Vintage frames for paintings and mirrors as well as vintage posters and pictures may be added to the interior. Or, a collection of antique plates or dishes may be an interesting accent in the wall decor of living room and not only kitchen and dining room.

The best way of showing your antiques is to place them on the shelf or mantelpiece, especially if you own a collection of them. It’s also very convenient in case you own antique vases and other items, which aren’t usually used for wall adornment.

However, don’t turn your home into a museum. It’s extremely cool to have antiques in the luxurious interior, but the room will look too cluttered if you use dozens of them and will resemble a museum or art gallery and not a dwelling.

To sum up, choice of the proper luxury wall decor for living room may take up pretty much time and can cost much money. However, the results can be really impressing. Remember that it’s very important not to overdo and choose the adornments, which look harmonious with one another.