Bathroom Wall Decor

11 Clever Small Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas and Accessories for Making the Space Look Bigger

Decoration of a small bathroom may be a real challenge. It’s necessary to arrange a great number of things in such a way that the space will look stylish and uncluttered. Moreover, it’s necessary to choose all the items with much care and every corner must be used in a clever way.

However, you can save much space and even make a small bathroom look more spacious with the help of the proper bathroom wall decor ideas and some accessories, we are going to discuss right now. So, let’s get started.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Naturally, mirrored cabinets are one of the most convenient of decoration ideas for bathroom walls, which help to save space and serve for several purposes. Buying a single item, you get a bathroom mirror, a cabinet and, sometimes, even additional wall shelves.

As the cabinet is hidden behind the mirror, it helps to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Also, the mirror is able to make the room look more spacious. The cabinet may feature some open shelving as well. Moreover, it may have built-in illumination and it’s very convenient.

In the majority of cases, such a cabinet has one mirror, located on the door. But, today, there are much more cool designs of them. It may consist of two and more parts and be not only of a classic rectangle or square form, but also be in the form of a round. The cabinet doors can be standard or sliding. The latter variant is more convenient for small spaces.

Towel Racks

Towel Rack

Towel Rack

When you have little place in the room, bathroom wall decorating ideas small bathrooms must be not only beautiful, but also functional. Thus, it’s better to store the towels on the racks. The racks can be stationary and be attached to the wall. In this case, you need to choose the place carefully in order to reach maximum functionality and convenience.

Also, the towel racks can be movable. They can be placed on the bathroom door, shower curtain or even cabinet. Some additional hooks can be added to wall shelves as well. Wall rings allow saving some place. Or, the cabinets with the towels can be located just under the ceiling, allowing you to use the space below for other purposes.

If you seek for creative ways of storing towels, you can try to hang them on a small ladder, propped against a wall. The towel holders, made of rope, occupy little place, but look very stylish not only in the beach-inspired bathroom but also in some other bathroom styles. Also, wine racks are wonderful for storing towels on the wall.

Big Mirror

Bathroom With Large Mirror

Bathroom With Large Mirror

In truth, a big mirror can make your bathroom look much bigger than it is. It will reflect all the light in the room and will pick up its color and pattern. It’s nothing difficult in adding mirrors to the room as there are dozens of possible wall decor ideas for bathroom.

You can cover the whole wall with mirror and use it instead of the wall tiles. However, as a rule, the space above the sink features a wide mirror, which can be framed as well as unframed. Moreover, the mirror can be lighted up and feature some shelving.

Also, it’s possible to use several smaller mirrors as bathroom wall decorating ideas. However, in the majority of cases they add visual clutter to the room. So, in this case, you need to think about the rest of design very carefully.

Wall Niches

Bathroom Wall Niche

Bathroom Wall Niche

By creating wall niches, you get some extra space for storing things without sacrificing the room size. Moreover, niches add some visual depth, which makes the walls look farther away than they are. Such niches are very convenient for the above-the-bathtub space and you can store shampoos, shower gels, sponges, soap and towels there.

Moreover, some adornments can be placed in the niches. If you are a romantic personality, you may place candles there. Or, you can place some collectibles there, but don’t overdo with that in order not to make the room look too messy.

If you don’t like open shelving, you can turn a niche into a cabinet. In such a way, the space will look even less cluttered. Moreover, the cabinet may feature a mirror and so, the room will also look bigger thanks to it. However, before planning any niche, turn to a professional to find out if it’s possible to make a niche in the wall or not.

Movable Shower Curtain

Marvelous Shower Curtain

Marvelous Shower Curtain

In fact, the traditional plastic shower curtains occupy much place. Sometimes, the shower may even take up half of the room. If you want the bathroom to look more spacious, opt for the more movable variants of shower curtains. Such curtains can be pulled back to add some visual space to the bathroom.

If you have a low ceiling, hang the curtain as high as it’s possible and your bathroom will look larger thanks to the added visual height. Also, a good idea is to use a curved shower curtain rod. It will make a more spacious shower area, but will save some space because of not having any angles.

The designs of the shower curtains may be different and, clearly, it must look harmonious with the rest of the bathroom design. If you have light walls, a light shower curtain will blend with them, but, at the same time, won’t cause any visual clutter. A bright and patterned curtains may also be used and serve as substitutions to bathroom wall decoration ideas.

Glowing Walls

Glowing Bathroom Tiles

Glowing Bathroom Tiles

Among the decorating ideas for bathroom walls, which suit small spaces, are glowing walls. They act similarly to mirrors and reflect the light, creating cool illusions on the wall. They are a cool substitution to textured walls, which aren’t recommended for small spaces.

The glowing ideas for bathroom wall decor may be in various forms. For instance, you may use tiles with the glowing cover. Or, instead of tiles, you may use mosaic with metallic effect. Also, the wallpapers may have a glossy effect. Moreover, you can find wall paints with glowing effects as well as the ones with glitter.

As to the colors, light colors as well as silver and gold ones are great for reflecting the light. In their turn, too bright and too dark shades may fail to give the necessary effect. The wall decor may be absolutely smooth or a bit textured. Also, wall tiles and wallpapers may feature some patterns from abstract to floral ones.

Metallic Accessories

Metallic Bathroom Accessories

Metallic Bathroom Accessories

In addition to knowing how to decorate bathroom walls, you also need to think about the bathroom accessories. Just like in the case with walls, the glowing accessories are a good way to get the reflective decor. And metallic accessories cope with this task brilliantly. Both silvery and gold hues can be used and both of them are rather universal in combination with other colors.

Start with choosing the metallic towel holders, racks, toilet paper holders as well as shower and bathe fixtures. And, of course, cups, liquid soap jars and soap dishes as well as some other accessories can be in silver or gold. The most important is to stick to the chosen hue. If you prefer silver accents, use them everywhere.

Outdoor Inspired Wall Decor

Nature-Inspired Wall Mural

Nature-Inspired Wall Mural

While choosing bathroom wall art ideas decor, you must be very careful. Remember that the room must look very clean and too many objects in it may make it look messier. One of the suitable ideas is to decorate a wall with outdoor inspired wall decor.

For example, a road to the forest or to the beach may visually expand the space and create the illusion that the bath stretches directly to the place on the image. However, such an effect can be reached only with the help of large wall murals, made of tiles or stickers and featuring realistic photos.

Also, some smaller nature images can be used. Nature will never make the room look too cluttered and it’s always a good idea to add a bright accent to the walls, which will suit any style and any color scheme.

Glass Shelf

Glass Floating Shelves

Glass Floating Shelves

Undoubtedly, shelves aren’t just one of wall decor for bathroom ideas. They are a necessity. If you prefer to store things at open shelves, give preference to floating ones. Don’t add any massive shelves systems. Opt for simple forms with clear lines. Floating tempered glass shelves are a great choice, which make the space look more airy.

Another plus of glass shelves is that they don’t interfere with the existing design and are suitable for all color schemes and almost all styles. In fact, they are almost invisible in the design. Moreover, they are resistible to humidity and will serve you for many years as it’s very easy to take care of them.

There are many possible designs of shelves, made of tempered glass. It can be a corner shelf in the form of a triangle, corner pentagon or quarter circle. Also, the floating shelves look great in rectangle forms. You are free to have one long shelf. It may make the room look wider. Or, you are free to use several smaller shelves.

Efficient Storage

Clever Bathroom Storage

Clever Bathroom Storage

How to decorate a bathroom wall saving the place? Use every corner in an efficient way. The storage systems can be organized in various places. For instance, the space under the sink can be functionally used. Or, the sides of your bath can be also used for storing some things. Also, the space above the toilet is often empty and can be used for shelves and cabinets.

Opt for built-in storages. As it’s not good to store too many things in a small bathroom, it’s better to place them in cabinets for leaving the space uncluttered. And if you want to save place, think about adding some built-in cabinets, which can be on the walls as well as just under the ceiling.

In addition, wall organizers are great assistants for storing a great number of things. You can buy the ready ones as well as create them with your own hands. There are many ideas of organizers, which can store bathroom accessories as well as larger objects like towels or a hairdryer.

Strategic Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting–oak-bathroom-bathroom-vanity-cabinets.jpg

The proper lighting is important for any room of any size. However, when we talk about small spaces, its proper use may help you to make the space visually larger. For instance, a very practical solution is to place a lighted mirror or mirrored cabinet. The light can be just on the top of the mirror, on its side or both sides, or it may surround it.

Also, a good idea is to use undercabinet and tape lights. As the space under shelves and cabinets is usually in the shadow, it often makes the room look smaller than it is. By diminishing that dark area, you will add more visual space to the room.

Tape lights are also cool wall decor bathroom ideas for small spaces, which will add some extra layers of light to the room. They are very flexible and are perfect for hard-to-light spaces, including niches. Moreover, such strips can remain invisible as they are usually placed away from sight. They help to avoid too cluttered look of the room.

In essence, these bathroom wall decor ideas prove that even a small bathroom may look stylish and beautiful. The most important is to choose the adornments, which don’t clutter the space and are functional.