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9 Basic Types of Mirror Wall Decor for Bathroom

Want to add some mirror wall decor to your bathroom? Today, it’s not just a decoration but is more a necessity. That’s why, we want you to be prepared for the shopping and are going to show you what mirrors can be used in bathrooms.

So, let’s have a look at 9 main types of mirrored wall decor for bathroom interior.

Framed Mirrors

Framed Bathroom Mirror

Framed Bathroom Mirror

Very often, large decorative wall mirrors are used with frames. They hang flush against the wall. The mirror frames are available in all possible styles from simple wooden to the ones, decorated with crystals.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Decorative wall mirrors may feature no frames. In such a way, a single mirror becomes a universal adornment for room in any style, theme and color scheme. However, it looks the best in contemporary and minimalist bathrooms.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored Cabinet for Bathroom

Mirrored Cabinet for Bathroom–bathroom-mirror-cabinet-condo-bathroom.jpg

In fact, wall decor mirrors can be a part of a cabinet. A small storage for medicines, cosmetics and other necessary items may have a mirror on its door. And it’s very convenient to have such a multi-functional decoration.

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian Mirrors

Venetian wall mirror decor looks very intricate. The mirrors of this type feature the designs, which are created directly on the mirror surface. Venetian mirrors are great for luxurious and boho chic bathroom designs.

Lighted Mirrors

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

Lighted Bathroom Mirrors

In case you need some additional lighting in the bathroom, give preference to a lighted mirror. It features the built-in lighting, which may surround the frame or be located in the top of the mirror. This type of wall decor mirror is perfect for women, who do their makeup in bathroom.

Pivot Mirrors

Pivot Bathroom Mirrors

Pivot Bathroom Mirrors

Pivot mirrors are characterized by a great flexibility. They are attached to the wall with two pivots, which allow moving the mirror. Depending on the frame style, they can be used in traditional as well as modern interiors.

Extension Mirrors

Extension Mirror

Extension Mirror×902.jpeg

If you have a small bathroom, wall decor and mirrors can be presented by the items of extension type. You can save much space by just extending the mirror from the wall any time you need it. It may feature the accordion or swing-arm mount.

Ledge Mirrors

Ledge Mirror

Ledge Mirror–bathroom-mirror-with-shelf-mirror-mirror.jpg

In fact, mirror wall decor ideas with ledges are as convenient as the cabinet ones as they allow storing things. A decorative wall mirror may feature just one ledge or several ones, depending on your needs.

Captain Mirrors

Captain Bathroom Mirror

Captain Bathroom Mirror×667.jpg

Finally, captain mirrors look cool in bathrooms. Such wall mirrors decor is used more seldom than the stated above types, but it is great for modern and industrial bathroom designs.

So, now you know the basic types of mirror wall decor for bathroom and will be more prepared for the shopping, knowing what kind of mirror you need.


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