Halloween Posters as an Easy, Beautiful and Cheap Way to Prepare for the Holiday

Halloween is the holiday, which allows us to turn all our bold ideas into life. Such holidays as Christmas and Easter have many traditions and as they are directly connected with the religion, we need to follow the established rules.

However, Halloween is a special holiday. Here, there are no strict rules, but the main principle of this holiday is the scarier the better. We put on strange and scary costumes, carve pumpkins, organize parties and, of course, decorate our places for the holiday celebration.

As soon as October comes, many people already start to think of how to decorate their house or office for this holiday. We start to seek for the ideas on the net, hoping to find the best solution. There are dozens and even hundreds of various ways of cool Halloween decorations. However, some of them can be rather pricy.

Not everyone is ready to spend huge sums of money for Halloween decorations only. If you seek for a cheap but at the same time spectacular Halloween decoration, pay attention to posters.

Halloween posters are a great way to decorate the walls of your home, office or whatever other place you want to decorate. They have many pluses. Firstly, they don’t cost much and you will hardly go broke after buying them. Secondly, large posters may cover a huge amount of the empty wall and thus, just one poster can make the design more interesting.

Thirdly, there is a great selection of images, which can be printed in various sizes and textures. Fourthly, a Halloween poster can be used in many places, including homes, offices, cafes, streets etc. And, finally, a poster is the decoration, which can be used for several years and so, it allows you to save money.

Here are 10 amazing Halloween poster ideas, which will look great both as home and office wall decorations, and will be amazing tools to make the people around scared and provide them with the festive mood.

Happy Halloween Posters

A Happy Halloween Poster

A Happy Halloween Poster

Happy Halloween posters are the most neutral ones. They can be used in any place, from your house or office to more public places like cafes or hotel décor. Their aim isn’t to scare but to congratulate with the holiday.

Such posters can feature various kinds of images. It can be a positive print of a carved pumpkin, the photos of people, dressed in the Halloween costumes, or the scary images of witches, ghosts and other creatures.

Scary Halloween Posters

A Scary Halloween Poster

A Scary Halloween Poster

Too scary prints aren’t suitable for all places. They are great for the thematic parties either at home or club. However, it’s better not to use them to scare the people you don’t know as the reaction can be unpredictable.

The images of various monsters and ghosts are most frequently used. However, there are much more things, which look scary. The people, who are fond of horror movies, know that very often clowns and strange children can be more frightening than bloodthirsty creatures. And so, such images are also among the favorites.

Funny Halloween Posters

A Funny Halloween Poster

A Funny Halloween Poster

Halloween isn’t just the holiday for frightening people. It’s also for making fun. So, besides scary images, the funny and positive pictures may be used as well.

For example, it can be a photo of a carved pumpkin with a funny face or the one of a funny monster. The demotivational pictures or the ones with Halloween jokes also look cool. Or, you can create a special funny poster for your party. You just need to take a Halloween poster template with the nice background and add there the jokes, funny quotes or whatever you want.

Halloween Window Posters

A Halloween Window Poster

A Halloween Window Poster

The posters, which look like real windows can do a great job at Halloween. You must have seen the pictures, featuring a beautiful window view, surrounded by the window frame. However, the view isn’t always beautiful. Such prints can be also dedicated to the Halloween theme and contain the less picturesque views.

A window poster for this holiday can look very spooky if the right image is chosen. For example, it can be a photo of the window, on the other side of which there is a zombie or another bloodthirsty monster. The images of ghosts are nice but only if they look realistic, for example, like a girl in a white dress, wandering around the room.

Halloween Door Posters

A Halloween Scary Door Poster

A Halloween Scary Door Poster

The posters, featuring doors look as interesting as the window ones. Very often the pictures of mysterious doors and passages, leading to something awful, are applied. In fact, the more enigmatic the door looks the better.

A nice idea is to hang a photo of the door, which holds back dozens of zombies, which try to penetrate into your room. It looks very realistic if the poster is huge. The images of glass doors, behind which someone or something terrifying stands, are also cool ways to frighten your friends or relatives.

Halloween Movie Posters

The horror movie posters are brilliant ways to decorate the walls for Halloween. They look cool at home and, even, as workplace decorations if you want to make your office ready for the holiday.

There are so many horror movies and amazing posters to them that it can take up some time to choose the one if you don’t know exactly what you want. If you have a favorite film, you are free to hang its poster. If you still don’t know, just surf on the net and select the one, you consider being the most appropriate for the place you want to decorate.

For instance, the poster to the Poltergeist movie with a girl, standing in front of a TV set, full of ghosts, will be ideal for the living room.

Halloween Silhouettes Posters

A Silhouette Halloween Poster

A Silhouette Halloween Poster

The silhouettes always look mysterious. The images of cats, bats, spiders, rats, ghosts, witches and monsters silhouettes are rather simple, but, at the same time, add the necessary atmosphere to the place they are located in.

The images may be either graphic with the silhouettes created by graphic redactors or it may be a photo with a clear-cut or blurred shadow.

Vintage Halloween Posters

A Vintage Halloween Poster

A Vintage Halloween Poster

Vintage posters are rather popular at the moment and can be used for a number of occasions and Halloween is one of them. It’s great if you find the real retro posters.

However, now you may also order a new print, designed in vintage style. It can be an old movie poster or a scary photo in sepia technique, looking like it was taken in the last century, a vintage art print or just the picture, which was aged.

Halloween Art Posters

A Halloween Art Poster

A Halloween Art Poster

Art prints always look cool regardless of the theme they are dedicated to. It’s not surprising that there are art posters, which have to do with the Halloween theme.

Such prints are always amazing as they are unique and aren’t similar to any other kind of Halloween posters. Very often, they may also serve as everyday decorations, depending on what is depicted on them.

Halloween Party Posters

A Halloween Party Poster

A Halloween Party Poster

If you organize a party and want to create some Halloween posters to print, you are free to choose a poster template and add your information to it. Remember that the Halloween party poster needs to be attractive and beautiful.

Moreover, there are some ready posters designs, which can be used if you use the poster near the place the party will be held and there is no need to add address and the exact time to it. Though, there are some ready designs, which contain the time. If your party starts at the same time, it’s great.

So, now you have some ideas of how to decorate the walls for the Halloween and are ready to start the preparation for the holiday. Turn on your imagination and complement the bright posters with some other pieces of décor like spider webs, artificial blood, scary garlands etc.

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