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5 Easy Ways to Promote Your Beauty Salon

If you want to open your own beauty salon or you already have it, you must have thought about the ways to promote it. We would like to offer you several ways of how to attract more customers and make them your constant clients. So, let’s see how to make your business more profitable.

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Firstly, you need to advertise. You are free to take an ad in the local newspaper, on TV or on the Internet, describing all the pluses of visiting your salon.

You can also offer some discounts for new customers or invent some other types of bonuses. As a rule, people tend to be attracted by various discounts and bonuses and may get interested in your offer, even if you are a brand new company.

You can even make some brochures or flyers and spread them throughout the city. In addition, word of mouth is one of the best ways of advertizing. You may ask your friends and acquaintances to tell about your salon to their friends, which, in their turn, can spread the information furthermore.


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The other way to make the customers remember about your salon is visualization. You need to have a good interior, where the visitors can feel relaxed and, at the same time, make it unique so that it doesn’t look like any other salon in your city.

A good way out is to decorate the walls with unique posters, which you may find in our posters store. For the indoor decor of your salon, you are free to use many kinds of posters. For example, the pictures of some haircuts, make-up variants or nail designs.

You can use either the images, found on the site, or you have an opportunity to make custom poster of your masters’ works and ask us to print it. Models’ and celebrities’ posters and photos can also be used for promotions as very often people want to be like them and you may prove that your salon is able to make their dreams true. Some salons also use the posters of brands, they use in their work.

Besides the walls, you can decorate mirrors, windows and equipment with some interesting things, but note that everything needs to be in one style. For example, if the design of your salon is in pink and violet colors, don’t use other bright colors for decorations.

You shouldn’t use too many decorations, but, at the same time, don’t make your salon just furnished with equipment and nothing more (that will be too boring).

Your Own Site

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It’s wonderful if your salon has its own site. However, don’t think that it’s enough. Besides information about your services, the site also needs to contain some examples of works or even, the photos of the salon itself.

It’s also necessary to update the site by adding different articles, for example, about new trends in haircuts or the types of nail polish, news and information about your special offers and bonuses. In such a way, the potential clients will see that you care about them and also be able to find some useful information on the site.

In addition or instead of the site, it would be great to start your own blog, where you can share your salon news with the readers.

Social Media

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Social media is a very valuable tool for developing your business, which can also substitute the site of your salon if you don’t have it. You will be able to find a lot of clients via social networks and also keep your existing clients updated about what happens at your beauty salon.

However, just to create a business page on Facebook or Twitter isn’t enough, you need to work there. It’s necessary to write interesting posts, post a great number of photos, inform about the special offers and, of course, communicate with your existing or potential customers.

The best social media for promoting your salon are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These networks also allow you to hold different contests and provide your clients with an opportunity to win a discount by sharing or retweeting your post.

Moreover, you can create special deals for your followers and friends. It’s also important not to forget to use hashtags to show the geographical location of your salon.

Promotions and Special Offers

One more step in developing your beauty business is inventing of various promotional schemes and special offers. As people love to get discounts or some gifts, you can use that to your own benefit.

There are many kinds of promotions for beauty salons and among them are:

  • Refer-a-friend bonus.

    It means that if a client refers a new client to your salon, he or she can be awarded with some discount or receive a present, for example, a bottle of shampoo. Usually, if the client refers several friends, he or she can get a bigger discount.

  • ​New Client Bonus.

    It’s quite hard to attract clients, who are constant clients of your competitors’ salons. That’s why, you can try to invite them to your salon, offering a huge discount, for example 25% off, and some of them will certainly get interested in your offer.

  • Discounts at Birthdays or other events.

    By providing a nice discount for a birthday or a wedding day, you will convince the client to turn to your salon for help at this important day. Thus, you will make the client happy as he or she saves the money. Such a deal frequently leads to future cooperation.

  • Discounts for additional services.

    If a client comes to your salon to make a haircut, try to also offer him or her some other services with a discount. For example, make a haircut and get 20% bonus for manicure.

You can also invent different special offers like 10% off for students, $10 off for a haircut on Monday or each 5th haircut with a 25% discount etc.

So, you see that it isn’t so easy to promote your own beauty salon as this procedure implies much time and efforts.

The most important is to be patient and persistent. It’s also necessary to invent a plan of your actions in order not to get confused. It’s highly advisable to start with equipping and designing your salon. Think over all the details and select the places for each piece of furniture and poster.

Simultaneously, you may also create the site or blog and think over how to represent the salon in social media. When your salon is ready to receive visitors, feel free to start a huge advertising company with luring offers for your first visitors. If you already have a salon, pay attention to the ways of promotion, you haven’t used yet.


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