What Are the Best Ideas for Kitchen Wall Decor?

When we design our kitchen, we, first of all, think about its convenience and functionality. A few of us think very carefully about kitchen wall decor and usually, we just choose what we like the most. Very often, the intuition may help you to choose the best item to get rid of blank walls, but sometimes, the chosen product may fail to be in harmony with the rest of the room.

Let’s see what the best ideas of wall decor kitchen are and how to choose the proper item for your home.

How to Choose Wall Decor for Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Decoration

Kitchen Wall Decoration

Obviously, not everything that you like may be used for the kitchen decoration. When you choose the wall decorations, you need to take into account several things:

  • Location where you are going to place art (it’s pretty hard to find the item, which will look ideally in any part of the room)
  • Color scheme of the kitchen (the art can be not only in matching but also in contrastive colors)
  • Style of the kitchen design (the style of the wall decoration must correspond to the kitchen design)
  • The size of the wall art you need (you need to know minimum and maximum size of the necessary wall art)
  • Your personal taste (clearly, you shouldn’t buy something you don’t like)

In truth, there are dozens of ways of decorating the kitchen walls starting from simple pictures to complicated art hangings. If you want to have functional decorations, you may choose beautiful tiles for the backsplash or opt for creative shelving.

The tiles designs aren’t available in different colors only. They may feature images, photos and even works of art. Also, the tiles differ in sizes, forms and effects. The shelves are always necessary at kitchen. That’s why, by choosing a shelf of a creative form or color, you will immediately enhance the kitchen design.

If you want to place something beautiful on your kitchen walls, opt for art. There are many variants, among which are painted and printed art as well as kitchen wall hangings made of wood, metal, glass and more unusual materials. And don’t forget that if you are a creative personality, you may bring to life one or a couple of DIY kitchen wall decor projects.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Now, let’s have a look at 5 cool ideas of wall decorations for kitchen.

Food Poster

Food Poster

Click to Buy Food Poster

The food poster, which you can order here, isn’t just the photo of food. It’s a work of art. What we like about it is that the vegetables, fruit, greenery and seeds are placed very beautifully and create an incredible picture. Such a print is suitable for the majority of kitchen designs, including traditional and modern styles.

Such a printed picture may add brightness to the kitchen if it has monotonous walls in light colors. Also, it’s suitable for brighter and darker walls. Thus, it’s well-combined with red, green and brown wall colors. This food poster can be printed in various sizes, but we recommend A1 or, at least, A2 format. By placing a large print, you don’t have to break your brains, thinking about other decorations. The prices are rather affordable: $29.95 for A1 and $19.95 for A2 glossy posters.

Kitchen Utensils Wall Art

Ceramic Kitchen Utensils Wall Decor

Ceramic Kitchen Utensils Wall Decor

You must have heard that kitchen utensils can be used not only for their direct functions but for kitchen wall decor as well. There are many cool ideas of wall decor with kitchen utensils on Etsy, but our attention was drawn by these ceramic utensils with mushroom for $45.

It’s evident that these ceramic kitchen utensils will never be used for cooking, but they are a cool addition to your traditional, vintage or rustic kitchen wall decor. They feature hand painted mushroom on their handles and 3d vegetables attached to them. Such a wall art will look great on the backsplash.

Kitchen Tiles with Art

Van Gogh Kitchen Tiles

Van Gogh Kitchen Tiles

Want to turn a backsplash into a work of art? No problems. You can acquire a Vincent Van Gogh City Ceramic Tile Mural 6, sold by Picture-Tiles on Amazon. It features the famous Starry Night painting. Its cost is $360 for a piece of 32x40 inches, containing 20 8x8 ceramic tiles.

Obviously, it’s rather pricy. However, such kitchen wall art decor will make any kitchen shine with new colors. Moreover, Van Gogh paintings don’t only look creative; they are immortal and will remain actual for many years. The plus of “Starry Night” is that it suits many kinds of designs (link: A Guide to Basic Kitchen Design Styles) and is great as urban as well as country kitchen wall decor.


Ian Mason Jar Shelf

Ian Mason Jar Shelf

Clearly, shelves are functional kitchen wall decorations, but they can be also beautiful. For example, Ian Mason 4 Jar Accent Shelf by DesignOvation looks very cute. It costs $43.54 and is available in black and white. The size is 5'' (height) x 24'' (width) x 4.25'' (depth).

These hanging wall ?jars can be filled with whatever you want. You can put there seeds and spices or fill them with colored sand. Also, they can be used for storing kitchen utensils. Or, you can place small plants there. The shelf is rather simple in its form, which makes it a universal kitchen wall decoration, which suits the majority of styles.

Modern Metal Art

Metal Wall Ar

Metal Wall Ar

Metal art is very popular nowadays and is a great alternative to kitchen wall decor pictures. Besides looking beautiful, it also adds texture to the walls, which is one of the hottest trends. If to talk about wall decor for the kitchen, have a look at this item. It’s a 13533 metal wall decor by Deco 79. The 27 inches piece is sold for $29 on Amazon.

As this item is multicolored, it may suit kitchens in various color schemes. As to the styles, they may be also different. This item will look good at vintage, traditional, shabby chic, modern, country, urban and some other types of kitchen interiors.

Now, you are ready to start the search of the perfect kitchen wall decor. We hope the ideas we offer will inspire you and you’ll find the most proper item(s) for your kitchen.

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