The Ways of Using Fruits and Vegetables in Home Interior

Fruits and vegetables are often used for decoration of our homes only on certain occasions or festivals. But have you ever thought about using such decorations throughout the year? Fruits and vegetables decorations don’t cost a lot and, in addition, you are free to change them as soon as you get tired of them. There are many ways of how to use these elements in interior design. Definitely, no matter what way of using them in your decor you choose, they, all the same, will look bright and stylish, and will certainly produce a “wow” effect from your guests.

Colorful fruits and vegetables don’t only add color to the room design but can also be parts of various compositions and sculptures. So, don’t hide greens in closed storages or fridges, but use them as a delicious element of the interior decor. Here are some examples of how to arrange such unusual decorations:

  1. A fruit vase on the kitchen table is a perfect way to use fruits as a part of decor simultaneously with their direct function. In such a way, the fruits are always in sight and the members of your family don’t forget the eat them. There are many interesting designs of vases and there will be no problem to find the one, which suits your kitchen style. In addition, such a vase can be placed not only in kitchen but also in a living room or on a dinner table.
  2. A Fruit Vase on the Kitchen Table

    A Fruit Vase on the Kitchen Table

  3. Divide the fruits or veggies by colors and place them in transparent vases for the creation of colorful blocks, which can be put everywhere to make new color accents.

  4. Fruits by Colors in Transparent Vases

    Fruits by Colors in Transparent Vases

  5. If you want to place several types of fruits and vegetables in a transparent container, take care that the larger fruits are placed at the bottom and the smaller or the softer ones on the top in order to avoid crushing.

  6. A Glass Vase with Fruits

    A Glass Vase with Fruits

  7. If your kitchen is made in neutral tones, you can make it brighter by placing fruits of a certain color and adding its elements around the room. For example, if you want to add something yellow to your room, use lemons and make a couple of yellow accents around the room (you can use yellow vases, flowers or utensils).

    Lemon Accents in the Interior

    Lemon Accents in the Interior

  8. Make a fruit or vegetable wall from simple shelves. Thus, your family will have easy access to these healthy products as they are at eye level and you will always see what you need to buy. Here, you can place the elements in neat rows, grouping them by color, shape or any other criterion. Moreover, you are free to add some other decorative elements to such shelves, for example, like greenery or jars of jam.

A Fruit and Vegetable Wall

A Fruit and Vegetable Wall

Fruits and vegetables can also become elements of decorative compositions and sculptures:

One of the examples is a centerpiece, containing fresh fruits or vegetables. On the net, you will find dozens of ways of how to arrange it beautifully. You can combine them with flowers, branches, statuettes and everything you want. You are free to make centerpieces for every day as well as for holidays or thematic ones.

A Christmas Centerpiece with Fruits

A Christmas Centerpiece with Fruits

Decorative wreaths can also contain fresh fruits. Thus, you will demonstrate your creativity to everyone, who approaches your front door.

A Wreath with Tangerines

A Wreath with Tangerines

Using fruits and flowers, you can make a wonderful and original floral composition or bouquet. The most important is to know what colors are well combined and, of course, your creativity is the key element here. Such compositions can be placed in every corner of your house as well as outside.

A Fruit Bouquet

A Fruit Bouquet

If you don’t want to use fresh fruits for your home decor but still want to add some elements with fruits or vegetables, you have several ways out:

  1. Use artificial fruits and veggies. In fact, artificial items can replace the fresh ones in almost all the decoration ideas above. However, we recommend you to seek for the fruits and vegetables, which look realistic, not the toy ones for children games.

  2. Artificial Vegetables

    Artificial Vegetables

  3. Nowadays, there are many interesting designs of different objects, which you have at home. If you seek around the net, you will certainly find something in the form of a vegetable or a fruit. The most widespread objects in the form of different vegetables or fruits are pillows. However, you can find more original things like an avocado table, an apple sofa or a lemon sink.

  4. A Sink in the Form of a Lemon

    A Sink in the Form of a Lemon

  5. Wallpapers are used at almost every home. If you aren’t afraid of radical measures, you can cover your kitchen walls with the ones, depicting the patterns you want, for example, the ones with colorful vegetables.

  6. Wallpapers with Vegetables

    Wallpapers with Vegetables

  7. Tiles, depicting veggies or fruits can also be a good decoration for your kitchen. You can find them at almost every specialized shop. There can be units with separate images or a huge picture, consisting of several dozens of tiles.

  8. Decorative Tiles with Fruits

    Decorative Tiles with Fruits

  9. Food posters are often used for kitchen designs. They demand almost no efforts from you. You just need to choose the one or ones you like and hang it or them where you want.

  10. Kitchen Posters

    Kitchen Posters

  11. Still life paintings can also serve as decorations for your kitchen. Don’t think that they are old-fashioned. If you place such a painting in a stylish frame, it will look great in the modern kitchen design.

  12. A Still Life in a Kitchen Design

    A Still Life in a Kitchen Design

  13. A wall decal is one of the easiest ways to make quick changes in interior designs. You can use small as well as large decals to brighten up your kitchen. Moreover, if you have a good sense of humor, you are free to attach some funny decals to the walls and objects at your kitchen.

Funny Wall Decals

Funny Wall Decals

So, now you see that there are many ways of how to use vegetables and fruits for your interior design. Of course, the list doesn’t end here and you are always free to create something new. We wish you inspiration in this complicated, but extremely interesting process. Don’t be afraid of experiments as they make our life brighter.

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