The Reasons for Making Custom T-shirts and What to Print on Them

Nowadays, T-shirts are something more than just clothes. They can reflect their owners’ characters, views and interests. There are many T-shirts designs for sale. But sometimes, you may face a problem that you don’t like the prints on them. A wonderful way out is customized t-shirts, which provide you with the opportunity to become a designer of your clothes.

Custom printed t-shirts can be used for a great number of purposes starting from just having fun and ending with establishment of business relationship. Let’s consider the most widespread variants of using a custom T-shirt.

A Gift Idea

It’s rather popular nowadays to make custom shirts for gifts. By choosing such a present for your close people, you are free to take control of every detail and make it ideal for the person, you want to present it to. For a family member, you can choose a family photo, for your friend― the image with his or her interests or hobbies and for your sweetheart― your common photo or a love message. In fact, you can print whatever you want. By giving such a personalized gift, you will express your care, feelings and show how much time and energy you have invested to provide them with such a gift.

A Print for a Gift T-shirt for a Sweetheart

A Print for a Gift T-shirt for a Sweetheart

To Support

Special t-shirt printing is also used to express your support either monetary or emotional. Thus, fans of sports teams wear T-shirts with the team logo when they attend the competitions, the admirers of a certain celebrity put on the T-shirts with their idol’s photo while attending concerts. In such a way, they express their support and affection. At the same time, the monetary support is more represented by some activists, who wear T-shirts to support their points of view and gather some money for their foundation.

A Supportive T-shirt Print

A Supportive T-shirt Print

To Celebrate

Custom t-shirt designs can also be created for certain occasions or holidays. For example, you can make such a gift for your sweetheart on the Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary. Different pictures and photos can be printed, but the most important is to express your love and care. Or, if your city has a certain festival, the pictures, dedicated to it, can be also printed on a T-shirt.

A Valentine's Day Custom T-Shirt

A Valentine's Day Custom T-Shirt

If we want to keep some sweet memories, we usually print photos or make posters of them. However, why not print them on a T-shirt? In such a way, you will be able to keep all the pleasant memories close to your heart and recollect them each time you look at your clothes.

A Happy Family Print

A Happy Family Print

To Motivate

Design your own t-shirt to get motivated in various spheres. For example, if you need some extra motivation in a gym, print a photo of the body you want to get or a quote, which will push you up to reach better results. Or, if you want your elderly mum to feel enthusiastic, make a print with some inspirational words about her beauty.

A Motivational T-shirt Print

A Motivational T-shirt Print

To Show Artistry

You can make your own T-shirt design just for the sake of art. If you don’t like prints, offered by the clothes stores, make your own design and feel comfortable with it. Moreover, you can create the whole image yourself and be sure that no one will appear in the similar shirt.

A Pop Art T-shirt Print

A Pop Art T-shirt Print

Business Relationships

If you want to establish business relationship with another company, you can turn simple T-shirts into a substitution of your business card. You can give it as a gift to your future partner and he or she will hardly forget about you and your company.

A T-shirt for Business

A T-shirt for Business

Family Reunion

Custom t-shirts are a great idea to unite a family. If all the members of your family will have the similar T-shirts, they will feel closer to each other. That looks especially good if you are going out. If your family takes part in some events, for example, a local bowling tournament, make T-shirts with your last name printed on them. Thus, everyone will see who pertains to which team.

T-shirts for the Whole Family

T-shirts for the Whole Family

Team Building

Wearing the same T-shirts is a good method for team building no matter if it’s a national soccer team or the team of your work department. If you want to make a bulk T-shirts order for your colleagues, you can print not only the company or department name on them, but also their surnames and posts in the company. Or, it’s also possible to choose a logo of your team and just print it on the T-shirts of the same color.

T-shirts for Team Building

T-shirts for Team Building

Various Trainings

A special custom t-shirt design can also be made for various trainings. For example, if you hold business trainings you may choose a certain image, which will be connected with the theme of your lecture, print it on T-shirts and present to your pupils. It’s a very good way to make the training more interesting and entertaining.

A Custom T-Shirt for Business Training

A Custom T-Shirt for Business Training


It’s possible and quite widespread to print business logos and brand names on T-shirts to advertise your company. You can also add some other information about your company like the examples of your goods, website, phone number or address to make people interested in what you offer. You might have noticed that such a method is used not only by business owners but also by educational establishments to attract more students.

What Image to Choose for Your Custom T-shirt Design

It may also happen that you want to make your own customized t-shirt, but don’t know what exactly to print on it. Here, we have gathered the most popular print ideas for a T-shirt.

Pets Photos

Pets are also a part of our family. Their photos look neutral and, at the same time, attract attention. Cats and dogs photos are the most widespread variants for a T-shirt print. Just choose the photo of your pet, which you like more and print it. It’s also possible to print not a photo but other kinds of images like pet silhouettes, pictures or art.

A Dog T-shirt Print

A Dog Custom T-shirt

Baby Photos

Each loving parent definitely has a dozen of photos of his or her child. They can be either made by professional photographers or by you after reading some tips on how to get nice baby photos. Usually, we print them and place in frames or make huge posters. However, you may place a photo of your baby on your T-shirt and thus, he or she will always be with you even if you are in different parts of the city. It’s possible to print not only one photo but to make a collage print.

Baby Photos for a T-shirt

Baby Photos for a Custom T-shirt

Family Photos

Family photos are always in trend as family is the most important thing in our live. You can give such a T-shirt as a present to your family members or make it just for yourself to constantly feel the warmth and strength of the family bonds.

Holidays Images

Many people make special T-shirt designs for different holidays. The theme of the shirt may be dedicated to every holiday or festival. You are free to make Christmas T-shirts as well as the ones, dedicated to your friend’s birthday.

Christmas T-shirts Prints

Christmas T-shirts Prints


Why not show your hobbies to the whole world? If you are proud of what you do, don’t hesitate to add it to your T-shirt design. If you like surfing, select a photo of a surfboard; if you are a chess player, make a print with a chess board; if you are fond of dancing, choose an image of a dancing couple etc.

A Hobby T-shirt Print

A Hobby Custom T-shirt Print

A Favorite Place

Everyone has his or her favorite place. It can be the place of your birth, childhood or where you have been only once but which you have fallen in love with. Such a print will be special for you while it will remain neutral and not provocative for other people.

A New York T-shirt Print

A New York Custom T-shirt Print


You are also free to make your own piece of art of your T-shirt by placing some artistic prints on it. Many clothing companies try to do such prints on their T-shirts but it’s rather hard to find the one you really like. But by creating your own design, you will certainly be satisfied with the print on your T-shirt.

The Artwork T-shirt Print

The Artwork Custom T-shirt Print

Travel Prints

Travel admirers can print the photos from their travels and adventures on T-shirts. It’s always pleasant to recollect some special moments, for example, when you reached the top of the mountain or first saw the Eiffel Tower.

A Travel T-shirt Print

A Travel Custom T-shirt Print

Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are used everywhere now and t-shirts aren’t an exception. Choose the quote, which supports your points of view or just suits your spiritual state.

A T-shirt Print with a Motivational Quote

A Custom T-shirt Print with a Motivational Quote

Your Personal Message

Share your thoughts with the world. Don’t be afraid of being funny or too passionate. You can use your own words or phrases as well as the quotes by famous people. You can express your attitude to certain things or just use the phrases, which will cheer up the people who will have a look at you.

A Message on a T-shirt

A Message on a T-shirt

T-shirts or Couples

If you are in love and want to show that to the whole world, make customized t-shirts for you and your sweetheart. You may choose absolutely identical designs or the ones, which are connected to each other and show the whole picture, when you are close to each other. Moreover, t-shirts like “I love my wife” and “I love my husband” are still popular as well.

It doesn’t matter if you need a custom T-shirt to support your favorite basketball team, advertise your company or make a gift to a close person, you will definitely need to think over its design to the smallest details. Believe that a perfectly made T-shirt won’t remain unnoticed and you will surely reach the intended goal. Just invest all your soul and creativeness in it and be proud of the results of your work.

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