Periodic Table Poster: Efficient Visual Aid for a Chemistry Class and a Great Decoration for Walls

The periodic table is a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements, describing their atomic structure, including the information about how many electrons they have and how much they weigh. Nowadays, it’s the basis of all the chemical studies and all people, who study chemistry, use it daily. The importance of this table is a proven fact.

The periodic table posters are frequently used at chemistry classes. Sometimes, such prints may take up the whole wall, but in the majority of cases they are printed in A1 format. There is no doubt that the periodic table posters help a lot to anyone, who studies chemistry.

All of us know what the table looks like. However, besides the classic versions of it, there are also many other designs, which aren’t only efficient learning tools but also are great wall decorations. Let’s consider everything in more details.

The Use of the Periodic Table Posters for Chemistry Lessons

A Periodic Table of Elements Print

A Periodic Table of Elements Print

The posters in education are, first of all, used for visualization of the material. They make the learning process easier and more comfortable. The prints of the periodic table are useful for both teachers and students as it’s rather hard to keep in mind all the information from the table.

The periodic table is the first thing, we face at chemistry lessons and it’s the one, which accompanies us during the whole period of chemistry studies. It doesn’t only provide the necessary information but also helps to solve various tasks and do exercises.

The periodic table of elements is used at the majority of chemistry lessons and that’s good to have one large poster of it, placed stationary on one of the walls of the classroom. Thus, both teachers and students have an opportunity to consult it anytime they need. Moreover, such a print will make the dull walls of the class brighter and enliven them.

The Possible Designs of a Periodic Table Poster

Though a periodic table is a scientific poster, in which information can’t be changed, it may have different designs. You are free to use a classic version of the table or seek for more original designs depending on our needs.

Classic Large Periodic Table Poster

A Classic Periodic Table of Elements Poster

A Classic Periodic Table of Elements Poster

A classic periodic table of elements poster features squares of different colors, in which elements are placed according to their atomic number (number of protons), electron configurations and recurring chemical properties. As a rule, the background of standard posters is white.

Classic periodic tables decorate thousands of classrooms around the world. This design was and remains the most popular because of its simplicity and clearness. It’s preferred by the majority of teachers at schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments.

Vintage Periodic Table Posters

A Vintage Periodic Table Poster

A Vintage Periodic Table Poster

A vintage periodic table poster large looks as if it was a rare ancient variant of the table. Usually, it’s not so colorful as the classic variant. Very often, the background of the poster looks like the yellowish paper, on which the table is written with black inks. Such prints are seldom used as classroom posters, but are an ideal variant for archives and libraries.

A classic table can be also turned into retro one. It’s possible to add some burnt borders to it with the help of graphic redactors and the print will look like the one, which have been hanging in the class for ages.

Black and White Periodic Table of Elements Posters

A Black and White Periodic Table Print

A Black and White Periodic Table Print

Black and white prints of the periodic table are used by people, who need the information only. Even though the different coloring helps to arrange the data more efficiently, some people prefer to use such tables. Black and white periodic tables are usually used by scientists and at laboratories.

Stylish Periodic Tables

A Periodic Table Print

A Periodic Table Print

A periodic table of the elements poster isn’t used for education and scientific purposes only. Some people use a periodic table more as decoration than as an educational tool. That’s why, nowadays there are many interesting and unusual designs of such prints.

A periodic table can be even turned into a real artwork with the help of a unique design. It can be stylized to any kind of room and be printed in any color scheme. If the table is used as decoration, it’s also possible to use some parts of it and not the whole table.

Funny and Cool Periodic Table Poster Designs

A Periodic Table of Beer Styles Poster

A Periodic Table of Beer Styles Poster

In addition, posters featuring periodic tables can be also created for certain objectives, not related with the science of chemistry at all. There can be really cool designs of them, however, such posters are used only as decorative elements and aren’t perceived too seriously.

For example, a periodic table of beer poster is a cool decoration idea for a bar or pub. The table contains the information about beer, which can help the visitors to make their choice. Moreover, such a print looks very original and will be definitely highly estimated by the bar visitors.

There are dozens of interesting variants of the periodic table posters, from the one for kids to the table, decorated in Christmas theme. If you use a poster for decoration, you can choose whatever design you want and, even, make the design of the print yourself.

So, you see that a periodic table poster doesn’t have such a narrow sphere of usage as the majority of us think. It is a really efficient tool for lessons and research and is indispensable for the science of chemistry. And, moreover, it can serve as a beautiful and unique decoration as well.

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