Landscape Posters: The Multifunctionality of Nature Prints

Ever noticed how nature may enhance the interior design? The natural elements are suitable for any type of interior and can be used everywhere. One of the ways to add a bit of nature to the interior is to hang landscape posters. This wall decoration can be surely called the universal one.

Let’s begin and see where large landscape posters can be used and how to choose the proper design for your dwelling, office or any other place.

The Influence of Landscape Prints on a Human

Remarkably, a landscape poster may have various influences on a person. It helps us to relax, provides with additional energy, inspires and surprises. The effect, caused by the nature image, depends on that is depicted on it and its color scheme. In addition, the personality of the human, his or her feelings, the emotional state and physical conditions also matter.

The color scheme of the landscape is very important. Thus, warm colors such as red, orange, yellow give energy and have a tonic effect. Cold colors such as blue and violet are relaxing. The special place is occupied by green color. It strengthens the emotional balance and has a very positive influence on the human health.

Moreover, the perception of the landscape poster color paintings depends on the relief and climatic conditions. And, people of various ethnic groups may be influenced by the same image in different ways.

Where to Use Landscape Posters

Now, let’s see where large nature posters can be used.


A waterfall landscape poster

A waterfall landscape poster

Surely, at home you don’t have limits and are free to hang whatever you want. Despite the fact that the selection of printed art is very large, landscape posters hold one of the leading positions. And it’s not strange as they can be used in all the rooms and are well-combined with the majority of interior decor styles.

The designs of landscape images can also differ. The photos of beaches and mountains are as popular as the ones of the city sights. Further, we will discuss how to choose the proper design and what prints are most suitable for certain rooms.

Remember that at your home, you may choose any wall art you consider to be proper. Here, you are allowed to choose it with your heart and don’t think what others will think. The most important is that you and your family members like the decoration you buy.


A mountains poster

A mountains poster

Many office workers lack nature. The landscape prints help to lessen the stress and provide the employees with positive emotions. Moreover, they will make the boring office walls brighter and more beautiful.

The most proper choice for the office is a poster, featuring forest or mountains. The trees and mountains provide us with additional energy. Of course, the effect from a picture isn’t so noticeable, but it’s better than nothing. Moreover, each employer may decorate his or her cubicle with a smaller landscape posters size.

Hotels and Restaurants

A Rome cityscape

A Rome cityscape

Hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes often prefer to decorate the walls with landscapes and cityscapes. The thing is that these images are neutral and are liked by the majority of their visitors while some other prints may cause negative reactions. Choosing the nature print for such places is the best variant. However, it’s only if you don’t have a certain thematic.

The choice of the image may depend on the specifics of the restaurant or hotel. For instance, if you have an Italian restaurant, decorate the walls with the Italian landscapes and the photos of Italian cities. Or, if your hotel is designed in rustic style, give preference to the photos of meadows, fields and forests.

Travel Agencies

A Mallorca poster

A Mallorca poster

We often see landscape posters at travel agencies. While looking at them, we want to get to the places, those photos were made at. And this trick is intentionally used by marketers.

If you own a travel agency, you can use the inspirational nature prints to your benefit. First, you need to decorate the walls with the posters of unforgettable landscapes and cityscapes, which will persuade your clients to set out for a trip. Also, you can hang attractive posters near your office to attract people, who pass by.

Other Places

A desert landscape poster

A desert landscape poster

In fact, landscapes are so multifunctional and universal that they can be used anywhere. We can see the ones in advertisements, at airports, bus stops, shops and a great number of other places. We may have a look at nature posters free even in the streets.

Of course, it’s hard to count all the spheres they can be used. We can just state that if you feel that you need it and it’s appropriate for a certain place, acquire it.

How to Choose the Proper Design for a Landscape Poster

The selection of landscape posters for sale is very huge. Here are the most popular variants and examples of how they can be used.

Seascape Posters

A seascape poster

A seascape poster

Seascape posters are the most popular ones. They are seldom used at ordinary offices. However, the travel agencies may have lots of them. As by looking at such a print, a person immediately wants to get there, the travel agencies use that to their benefit.

Various designs of landscape photographs for sale, which feature seas, oceans and beaches, can be used in home interiors. As a rule, they are placed in living rooms or bedrooms. One more room, where this one can be used is bathroom, but only in the case if it’s designed in the nautical theme. Note that the posters for bathroom must be framed and placed under the glass in order not to get damaged.

Moreover, it’s considered that the combination of water and land on one photo has a positive impact on people. That means that you can use smaller prints at any place you consider appropriate, including your cubicle at work.

Mountains Landscape Photography Posters

A mountains landscape

A mountains landscape

When we talk about a poster on nature and environment, many of us start to imagine mountains. It’s impossible to leave an image featuring mountains without attention. Even on photos, they have the magic force, which attracts us.

The posters with mountain landscapes are suitable for every style of interior design and are freely used at homes, offices and public places. The mountains inspire and help to relax, but, at the same time, they may provide you with additional power.

The mountains posters look great in standard poster sizes as well as non-traditional ones. For example, you can buy a set of posters of different sizes, which contain the elements of one photo.

Forest Landscape Poster Design

A forest poster

A forest poster

Just like mountains, images of forests are universal. They are good for offices as they help to get rid of stress and may motivate for more efficient work. If used at home, it’s cool to place them in the living room as they will add brightness to it. Also, forests images are appropriate for home offices.

As posters, featuring forests, are green in the majority of cases, such prints help us to find the emotional balance. The people, who need to have a rest, feel relaxation while looking at the forest while the ones, who need inspiration, find forces to start or continue the work with the new vigor.

In addition, not only the posters with summer forest are used. The autumn forest looks very beautiful and is good for living-rooms and kitchens. The winter forests look mysterious and are suitable if you have bright walls.

Urban Landscape Posters

A Sydney cityscape poster

A Sydney cityscape poster

Urban landscapes are preferred by active people, who aren’t tired of the city dynamics. The photos of beautiful buildings and city sights are suitable for offices, cafes, restaurants and hotels. As a rule, they are rather neutral and suit any interior.

In home decor, cityscapes are a good solution for interiors in industrial style. They are also appropriate for all types of modern interiors. Moreover, they can be used in any room if the color scheme allows.

While choosing the poster, give preference to the one of your favorite city or the place you’d like to visit. For instance, if you dream about visiting Barcelona, choose the print featuring it and you will make your dream closer.

Dawn and Sunset Nature Photography Posters

A sunset print

A sunset print

Obviously, the images of dawns and sunsets are among the most beautiful ones and it doesn’t matter if they are of the typical poster size, extremely large or tiny. There is always something mysterious in dawns and sunsets and the professionally made photos can really transfer that amazing feeling of watching them.

Such landscape prints have a relaxing effect. They are most often used in bedrooms and living rooms. If we talk about the office, they can be hanged in the areas for rest and eating.

Needless to say, the posters, featuring these nature phenomena, inspire us. Though the image is rather placatory, the photos of sunrise and sunset often have red and orange colors on them. These colors give us additional energy and help to turn on our creativeness.

Sky Posters

A sky print

A sky print

The prints of the sky are rather specific. We recommend you to choose the ones, which feature not only sky but a piece of land or water. Such photos look more natural and have a wider sphere of usage. If you like the image, where there is only the blue sky and clouds, it suits the bedroom design, especially if it’s made in blue or white color or has blue accents.

If you want to use the image of the sky, where there are additional objects, it is much better. Such a print can be used at homes, offices and public places. It can be a cityscape, a seascape or the print, featuring meadow and the sky.

Don’t think that only blue sky is suitable. Of course, it looks more positive. However, sometimes the sky with a lightning or stormy one may look pretty good. Though, don’t place such prints in bedrooms and nurseries.

Meadows Landscape Posters

A meadow poster

A meadow poster

The prints with fields and meadows are the best choice for kitchen and dining room. They may add a bit of country look to the house, but they are well-combined with modern interiors to tell nothing about how cool they are in rustic and country designs.

Actually, you may use the images of meadow flowers instead. However, it’s desirable that they are photographed in the natural sphere on the meadow background and not placed in the vase. Otherwise, it will be a still life. And it’s another story.

In a nutshell, large landscape posters are universal tools for creating amazing design without spending much time and money. The images of nature provide us with the additional energy and, at the same time, help to relax. The choice is extremely big and everyone will find the picture to his or her liking.

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