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Custom Magnets: How to Use Magnetic Prints for Your Benefit and Pleasure

Nowadays, custom magnet printing isn’t just a way to decorate your fridge. The magnets can be printed for different purposes and applied in many spheres of life. There are many ways of how to use custom magnets. They may serve as personalized gifts, promotional products, corporate gifts, magnetic signs, photo magnets etc. While being efficient […]

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Hair Salon Posters for Decoration 10 Inspiring Ideas

The decoration of a beauty salon is a rather complicated process regardless of its specifics. This article is dedicated to the owners of hair salons, who redecorate their existing salons or work out the designs of the new ones.If you still don’t know how to decorate the walls of your hair salon, pay attention to […]

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Hotel Décor: How to Add Uniqueness to the Design with the Help of Posters

Each owner or executive of a hotel knows that the atmosphere plays much more important role for the clients than the building itself. The hotel visitors must feel as if they are at home and not guests.Each hotel has its special atmosphere, but, at the same time, many hotels look alike. If you want to […]

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How to Make an Infographic: Useful Tips and Secrets on Infographic Design

The use of infographics gains more and more popularity nowadays. It’s believed to be a very efficient tool of delivering information and that people are more tend to pay attention to such a presentation of information than to a text article. In this article, we’d like to consider what infographic is, the ways of its […]

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How to Create and Use Wanted Posters for Different Goals

Initially, a wanted poster was created to distribute information about criminals to the wide public. It usually contains a photo or identikit of the criminal, his or her name and some characteristics like height, age, hair, eyes color etc. Sometimes, such prints have information about rewards, which a person, who will help to capture the […]

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