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Large Posters: How to Use Giant Prints in Advertising and Interior Décor

Everyone knows that posters can be used for many purposes from education to home décor. The prints can be done in various sizes, textures and color schemes. They can help to bring craziest ideas to life and reflect your thoughts.We’d like to talk about large posters. No one doubts that huge posters look very impressive […]

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Vintage Posters: 15 Stylish Wall Decor Ideas with a Touch of the Past Epochs

Vintage style has become a very popular trend in modern design. And besides, unlike ultramodern styles, vintage will hardly lose its relevance even in a couple of decades. In order to give a vintage touch to the interior design, it’s not necessary to decorate all the room with antiques. Sometimes, it’s enough to add one […]

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College Posters: Wall Décor Ideas for College and Dormitory

The use of posters for college has been widespread for a while. It’s hard to count when a poster was used at an educational establishment for the first time, but it was definitely long ago. College posters can be used for the educational purposes, for motivation, encouragement, propaganda, decoration or just to raise the mood […]

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Beach Posters: A Piece of Natural Beauty in Your Home Wall Decor

Beach posters seem to never come out of fashion. They are still at the peak of popularity and are preferred by a number of people. We usually associate a beach with the long-awaited vacation, fun and bright memories and that’s why, some of us want to use its images for the home wall decor.The beach […]

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