Back to School Poster and Other Ways to Welcome Pupils at the First Day at School

The holidays are ending and the pupils will soon sit down at their desks again. Teachers, pupils and their parents start to prepare for the academic year beforehand. Besides preparation of material, the teachers also need to prepare the classroom for the pupils' come and think how to make their first day at school memorable.

It's not right to overload the pupils with tons of information at their first day at school after the holidays. Pupils don't need to feel tense and the teacher's task is to make their transition from holidays to studies smooth.

Back to School Posters

A Back to School Print

A Back to School Print

One of the ways to cheer up the students during their first day at school and welcome them is to hang a back to school poster. Such a print will show the learners that the teaching stuff is happy to see them again and will set up the right mood from the very beginning.

Welcome back to school posters may contain only text or be decorated with various pictures. It looks nice if the phrase is written on a beautiful background. Back to school clipart is also a good idea. It may look simple, but cool.

The prints can be different for different types of pupils. A welcome back to school poster for elementary school needs, first of all, to be bright and colorful. Besides text, it may feature the images of cartoon personages or any other picture, which will arouse the pupils’ interest.

The high school back to school decorations can be of more serious content. They may not only welcome but also inspire students for personal development and opening new perspectives. For example, back to school quotes prints may contain the citations of famous and honorable people.

However, it’s also important to place the quote on a nice background and not just to write the message in black on the white piece of paper.

Back to school images can be also connected with exact disciplines. For example, a poster for literature class may feature a certain author as if he or she welcomes the pupils or the quotes of well-known writers or poets.

Other Ways of Cheering Up the Pupils in the Beginning of the Learning Year

Besides posters, there are some other ways to welcome the pupils. Here are three examples of them.

Various Back to School Printables

A Back to School Board Print

A Back to School Board Print

You can turn ordinary discipline materials into back to school worksheets by just adding a couple of welcoming messages. It’s a trifle, but your students will appreciate that as thus, you show that you are not only a teacher but also a friend.

You are free to make whole back to school bulletin boards, which contain not only nice pictures and cheerful words but also the photos of your pupils. There can be photos, made during the classes, various competitions or common trips.

Accent on Activities

A School Activities Poster

A School Activities Poster

It’s useless to provide the students with too much information about the studies because, as a rule, they don’t think about studies at the first day, but are more concentrated on communication with the classmates and talks about how they spent summer. That’s why, it’s better to concentrate on introduction, acquaintance and various kinds of activities.

The introductive speech usually describes the future academic year, what subjects will pupils have and what activities they will be engaged in. The acquaintance stage is necessary if you are a new teacher or if there is a new student in the class. If you are a new teacher, try to make your presentation interactive, tell a story not boring facts and allow the pupils to ask you questions if they want to.

The first impression is extremely important and may have an impact on your future cooperation. That’s why you need to present yourself in the best light and show that you aren’t only a professional teacher but also a good and kind person.

If you have a new class, consisting of the pupils, who aren’t acquainted, it’s better to break the ice between them with the help of games, puzzles and interactive tasks. For example, each pupil can make a small presentation, telling about him or her, hobbies, interests. The pupils may tell about how they spend the summer as well.

A Welcome Package

A Back to School Print

A Back to School Print

It’s a good tradition to send your pupils a welcome package before the academic year starts. It may contain the welcoming text, some inspiring back to school pictures, syllabus, schedule of upcoming events and a school supply list. Besides, you can put some little gifts inside, for example, a pen or a notepad.

So, now it’s time to start the preparation for the new school year. Prepare the classroom by cleaning it and decorating with all the necessary things, for example classroom posters, and get ready to welcome your pupils in school.

And don’t forget to make some back to school photos so that to recollect this moment many years after.

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