5 Reasons to Use Monogram Wall Decor for Nursery

Are you seeking for the cute ideas of nursery decor? Have you thought about adding monogram wall decor to the room? Believe that it’s really cool to have your baby’s name or initials written on the walls of his or her room.

There are so many amazing ideas of monogram letters wall decor. Such decorations are available in a great number of styles and forms. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to use monograms for baby rooms.

Personalized Wall Decor

Baby Name Wall Sticker

Baby Name Wall Sticker


There is nothing more personal than baby monogram wall decor. By placing your baby’s name or initials on the wall, you make the room his or her property and as the child grows up, he or she feels that the room is his or her special place.

The monogrammed wall decor usually features the first letter of the baby’s name. However, it can be also the combination of the first letters of the name and family name. Also, it’s very popular to write the full baby’s name on the wall.

Universal Decoration

Creative Monogram Wall Decor

Creative Monogram Wall Decor


In fact, such an art, no matter if it is wooden monogram wall decor or metal one, is universal for both girls and boys. The designs may only differ in colors and adornments.

Also, the monogram wall art may adorn the walls of your kid’s room for many years. Unlike cartoon images and many other childish decorations, the monogram will always remain actual. And you won’t have to preoccupy about the change of the decor until you start the major remodel.

Wide Range of Materials and Forms

Wood Monogram Art

Wood Monogram Art


The decorations can be made of various materials. For instance, wood monogram wall decor is rather widespread. Monogram metal wall decor is less popular as many parents consider this material to be not cozy enough for nursery.

Moreover, the monograms can be printed as posters or be in the form of wall stickers. Or, acrylic monogram wall decor can be used.

Various Designs

Monogram Art Print

Monogram Art Print


The design of the monogram wall hanging can be absolutely different. The simplest variant is the initials, carved from wood and painted in the color, suitable for the room design, or printed on the paper or stickers.

However, even the printed monograms may feature some additional adornments. Thus, the letters can be complemented by pictures. Or, the volume letters can be adorned with flowers, fabrics, embroidery and even rhinestones. Everything depends on your fantasy.

DIY Projects

Floral Monogram

Floral Monogram


Clearly, many items can be done with your own hands. There are many DIY monogram wall decor projects of various complexity levels. You can make the monogram art from the beginning to end.

Or, you can buy the necessary letters and adorn them, taking into account the style and color of the nursery as well as your personal taste.

All in all, you see that monogram wall decor is a really cool idea for nursery, which can look absolutely different depending on the materials, colors, styles and adornments you choose.

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